What is Rock Solid Cheer?

Rock Solid Cheer is an Alberta based instructional cheerleading company that specializes in skill building, routine development, cheerleading camps, and assistance with team/program administration items. It was born with the need for a local company to offer professional services at reasonable prices. We are proud to be members of the Alberta Cheerleading Association (ACA). Rock Solid Cheer sessions are also sanctioned by the ACA.

Do coaches need to be present?

Yes, a coach (18 years or older), or other screened adult, must be present for the duration of each session. We encourage all the team’s coaches to be present during all of our sessions so that they can learn everything firsthand with their teams and record videos or write notes. 


When we only have one staff member at your session, another vetted adult must be present to satisfy the Rule of Two to ensure transparency of all interactions and communications. Learn more about Rule of Two and Safe Sport at [link to our SS page]

When is payment due?

Payment for Rock Solid services is due at the start of the session within 15 days after your session. Our invoice includes a due date so you don’t have to count out the days. More information about payments and late charges can be found in our payment policy [insert link]

What if I need to cancel or change my date/time?

Rescheduling of a session must be done, in writing, no later than 72 hours before the start of your session (or first day for multi-day bookings), if rescheduled less than 24 hours before your session it will be considered a cancellation. We will do our best to accommodate your new requested date/time, but we cannot guarantee that the same instructor or choreographer will be available.

Cancellation requests must be received, in writing, at least 24 72 hours prior to the scheduled start of your session. A credit card number must be provided to hold your booking, a $100.00 cancellation fee if less then 24 72 hours notice is given.

Where will my session(s) take place?

We travel to you! We have staff located throughout Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec. When you request a session through our Service Request form, you can see a list of our regular staff and their locations. 


If you do not have your own dedicated space, or share a space, please make sure you consider the facility’s availability when booking. If you cannot get time in your regular space, we can help find a space (gym rental fees vary depending on the facility and are paid directly to the facility). 


All services that require skills to be performed are required to be on an appropriate surface. Choreography can be done (marking only) in any space, however, we strongly recommend having the competition floor taped or clearly marked for formations and transitions.

Where do you travel to?

Yes, Rock Solid Cheer travels all over Canada and internationally beyond. Travel rates vary by location, method of travel, and time of booking. Email info @ for more detailed information or to receive a quote.


Note: Due to insurance regulation, we will not be able to travel to places with a Travel Advisory in effect from the Government of Canada. 


Our travel policy can be found here [link to travel policy].

What methods of payment do you accept?

Starting in 2020, we do not accept cash payments. We accept email transfer cash, credit card (Visa or Mastercard), American Express certified cheque, or bank draft. We can only accept school or business cheques. Please indicate your method of payment on the registration package. All funds sales will be are charged in Canadian Dollars (CAD), foreign exchange rates are based on the date payment is posted. Goods and Services tax (GST) is charged on all taxable sales. Instructions for payment will be included with your invoice.


Please contact us if you are not in Canada and have an alternate form of payment.

How many instructors/choreographers will be coming?

We always aim to have a 1:10 ratio during skills training. However, due to availability, we may not always be able to accommodate this. We will make every attempt possible to ensure we can make this ratio. 

For all choreography, one choreographer per team is usually enough. You may request up to 2 choreographers per team (additional charges apply) and we will try to accommodate that.

Can I request a specific instructor/choreographer?

Yes, Rock Solid Cheer management we will do its our best to accommodate all requests for specific instructors/choreographers. However, we can not guarantee instructors due to availability that your requested instructor/choreographer will be available on your requested date/time. All Rock Solid instructors are trained to teach the Rock Solid way, that way every session is a Rock Solid session We hold our regular and guest staff to a high standard for prior experience, achievement and continuing education to ensure that we are delivering the best quality service.


We will notify you if we are unable to accommodate your request.

I want to book a choreography session. What do you need from me?

After confirming your date and time, we will send you a link to our Choreography Skills Check form (Microsoft Form). This form helps us get to know your team’s ability so that we can plan ahead. Be prepared to include details about your music, including pace, BPM, total counts, and song choices. If you already purchased a premade mix, we will contact you for a copy.

How long does choreography take?

Choreography time varies depending on length of routine, type and age and level of athletes. Younger athletes, or inexperienced teams, often require more time with us and older athletes can learn faster. We budget a specific amount of time for each type of choreography. 


Routines up to 2:30 (ex. traditional routine): between 6.5 to 8 hours

Routine up to 2:00 (ex. prep, non-tumbling): 5.5 to 7 hours

Routines up to 1:30 (ex. Specialty divisions): 3 – 4 hours

Section Choreography: 2.5 to 3 hours

Am I still responsible for knowing the rules and scoring system?

Our staff take part in various training sessions on rules and scoring as part of our commitment to continuing education. However, we work with all levels and disciplines of cheerleading, each with their own rules and scoring system. Team Coaches are responsible to for knowing and understanding the rules for their respective level. Rock Solid cheer is not responsible for any deductions or scoring that your team may receive. Scoring varies at the discretion of the judging panel at each event.

Who needs to have a waiver?

All participants and coaches will need to have a signed Release and Waiver Form prior to the start of your session. Adult (18+) participants must sign their own waiver. A legal guardian is required to sign the waiver for all minor (under 18) participants. Coaches will receive a link to send out to participants 1 to 2 weeks prior. A link can also be found on our website [include link or directions to where it is]

Note: Legal guardians with multiple athletes participating must fill out one per participant.

Prices vary based on which package you will be booking

Prices vary based on which package you will be booking. Please email info @ to receive the list of packages with pricing. A full list of our services and pricing is available under Services [link]. You can also contact us if you have a special request.


All skills sessions are charged based on length at a per athlete rate.


All choreography sessions are charged with a base as a flat rate (based on length of choreography) with an additional cost per athlete if your team has over 15 athletes.

Example: 2:00 of choreography for 20 athletes, base rate + $100


Our Other Services are priced based on the type of service and staff that it would require. 


Travel is charged at the price that we pay. Please check out our Travel Policy [link] to see how we calculate your travel fees.

Do you provide count sheets for choreography?

Yes. Our choreographers have a variety of tools for planning routines. Please speak directly with your choreographer about receiving a copy of your count sheet. We have two types of sheets that we can provide. We have a routine layout spreadsheet that is designed to be sent to your music producer or to be easily transferred to the music producer’s count-sheets. We can also provide a grid format that includes formations for each section. These are also available for download in our “Coaches Corner,” coming soon!


We also have blank count sheets available in our Resources [link] section for you to use if you’d like to make your own notes during your session.

How do you know what to work on with my team? Will you provide a session plan?

You will receive a link with our Service Agreement in your email with a link to our Skills Session Prep Form. This form allows our instructors to more accurately plan your skills session ahead of time. You can also let us know any goals you have for your session on this form. if there is anything specific you would like to see us work on please indicate this on the form. 


We do not typically send over a plan ahead of schedule. As much as we plan, your session will ultimately be based on how well your team can work through each progression. Our plan is a guiding tool for us to set goals based on your Skills Session Prep Form.

What will my Skills Session be like?

Skills sessions are usually focused on building. We start with fundamentals for warm up and then work our way through stunt progressions. As your team demonstrates mastery execution of skills, we begin to touch on twisting, releases, and inversions. If athletes need a reset, we will also throw in some time with jumps for breaks. 


We typically do not work any tumbling or kinetics (motions/dance), unless requested. Tumbling can be booked separately (either 2 hours or 6 one hour sessions). These are tumbling focused sessions designed to help teach and work drills with your team. 


We also include some team bonding activities in your session. Team bonding helps round out your team’s skill session experience. This part of the session may occur at the beginning, during or at the end. It is usually just a quick game to warm up, take a break, or cool down.

Can I record or take photos during my team’s session?

Yes! We always try to get photos and videos, whenever it’s safe to do so, and we encourage you to as well. At minimum, we will take a photo with your team at the end to commemorate the day.


For choreography, videos can help you and your athletes remember what was taught and how once we leave. Please be cautious of what you post to social media, leave some elements to surprise everyone at your first competition or showcase.